Dragon Shot aka Nicotine booster

A Dragon Shot is an unflavoured 18mg 70vg/30pg nicotine booster shot that you can add into Omg eliquid if you so wish.

Dragon shots are registered with MHRA and are fully TPD compliant. They are manufactured by Flavours of the Dragon ltd in house in a purpose built iso 7 clean room.

When you click on a flavour a drop down box will appear giving you a number of different options. You can either choose to purchase eliquid that is not intended to have any Dragon shots added to it (full bottles) or short filled bottles which are Dragon shot compatible.

If you choose the Dragon Shot compatible option the correct amount of Dragon Shots (nic shots) will be added to you order for you to add to your eliquid to make it 3mg.  If you add more than the intended amount of Dragon Shots in an attempt to make it stronger than 3mg it will result in a loss in flavour.

You will receive

1x 10ml Dragon shot to 50ml 0mg to make it 60ml 3mg

2x 10ml Dragon shots to 100ml 0mg to make it 120ml at 3mg

After adding the Dragon shot it is essential that you give it a really good shake for approx 2 mins to ensure it is fully blended. If this isnt done correctly you may experience harshness in your eliquid. If you find this is the case give it another shake.

After adding and shaking it is recommended you leave the eliquid containing the Dragon Shot to steep for 12 hours to allow the nicotine to settle.

All Flavours of the Dragon ltd  Omg flavours are sold at a minimum 3 weeks steeped so the above process is only to allow the nicotine to settle