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Its been 2 days and my order hasn’t arrived? If you check in yr junk/spam email folder you will see an email containing your tracking number. Enter that  number into the royal mail website and it will show if an attempted delivery has been made. If this is the case but you dont have your order it is likely that your parcel is waiting for you at your local sorting office if they was unable to deliver the parcel. Follow the on screen instructions to arrange a re delivery or to pick it up from the sorting office. This system is NOT fully tracked and will not show where your parcel is in real time. It will only give an update when an attempted delivery has been made so if it isn’t showing anything on the tracking screen it means it is still being processed with Royal Mail. Your order will have been dispatched at the time your tracking email was sent.


How often do you send out orders?  Orders are collected from the Flavours of the Dragon H.Q by Royal Mail Monday-Friday just at approx 3.30pm. There is NO post collection on a Saturday or Sunday, this means that any orders coming in after 3.30pm on a Friday will be processing over the weekend and dispatched on Monday. Make sure to order early on a Friday if you need same day dispatch as 3.30pm cut off time is only an approximate time which can vary greatly on the day so to avoid disappointment order early.

How long does delivery take?     If your order is placed before 2pm it will be dispatched that day. Occasionally on a Monday and the last 2 days of the month same day dispatch even when ordering before 2pm is not always possible as the amount of orders can double those days so try and order in advance during those periods if you are needing to receive your order quickly.

Did my order make today’s dispatch? After placing your order you will receive an email stating that it is processing. Once the order has been processed and dispatched you will get another email stating completed. If you have received the “completed” email before 4pm your order would of been dispatched that day. If you are having problems locating these emails please check your junk/spam folder

All orders are dispatched via Royal Mail 24 and most do arrive next day however this isn’t a guaranteed next day service which Royal Mail state to allow 1-3 working days as some do take longer to arrive. If your order hasn’t arrived withing 4 working days please contact Flavours of the Dragon via the contact details. Royal Mail actually make me wait 10 working days before allowing me to file it as lost but I do not think this is an acceptable timeline to wait so will personally act on it sooner.

What ratio are the eliquids?   All Flavours of the Dragon eliquids are made in a 70vg 30pg ratio as most vapers find this the perfect balance for vapour production and flavour.

Do I need to steep the eliquids? All Flavours of the Dragons eliquids are at a minimum of 3 weeks steeped when put on sale, some custards are 5-6 weeks steeped so it varies with the type of flavour. The only need for additional steeping is if you add nicotine into it as some people find they need to leave it approx 12 hours to settle however most people including myself find it fine to vape after a really good shake.

My eliquid tastes harsh?  Please ensure if you add nicotine that you give it a really good shake and leave to settle for 12 hours, if this doesnt fix it redo the process you can also take the tip out of the bottle and leave to breath overnight (this stage has already been done as part of the manufacturing process) but some people who are sensitive to certain flavours eg citrus may find they need to breath it further. Some flavours simply don’t suit some people so if you are sensitive to citrus type flavourings its best to avoid them. Other factors that can influence harshness are the watts you are vaping at, the tank and coils you are using. Harshness/ flavour out can be a sign that your coils are burning out and need replacing. Also your taste receptors can change especially if you are coming down with a cold/sore throat and flavours that you normally like may seem harsh or taste muted. If all the eliquids you are vaping feel harsh it may be time to lower the amount of nicotine you put in. Also vaping the same flavour for an extended period of time can lead to the dreaded vapers tongue, to help prevent this try to alternate between your favorite flavours.

16 thoughts on “F.A.Q

  1. Hi mate ordered Fri still knot got jucie

    1. Hi Paul have you received order now?? Amy

  2. Hi
    I have just started vaping and use 6mg nicotine how would i get your juice to 6mg

    1. If you add an extra nic shot it will bring it close to 6mg. You will have a loss in flavour though because the juice is only meant to have 1 nic shot added so it will be more diluted adding x2

  3. Hi ordered ages ago no delivery as yet

    1. Hi Kevin, it was dispatched on the 15th and I can see they tried to deliver on the 16th but nobody was there to take it. They should of left you a card with instructions on, I have just emailed you the tracking number and instructions what to do. Let me know if you have any probs

  4. Hi, will you be restocking the uwell valeriyan coils any time soon?

    1. Yes Phil, once I have returned next week I will get some ordered

    2. Hi Folks

      Any chance you could check on my order?

      [Order #22954] (21st May 2020
      I think Royal Mail may have misplaced/lost it as this has happened before.

      Are you able to check the status to ensure it hasn’t been delivered elsewhere.

      Many thanks

      1. Hi Leah, your order was defo dispatched on Thurs 21st but as its been a bank holiday today is only the 2nd working dayso way to early to call it lost in the current times. Due to the pandemic Royal Mail are under alotof pressureso alot of orders (not all) are taking alot longer than normal to arrive, some have taken over 7 working days!! Most are arriving within 4 working days though.

        I can see from the delivery ref they haven’t attempted delivery yet, I will send you the tracking via pm.

  5. Hi Rich, how does the raffle work in regards to checking a ticket number?. Thank you

    1. I normally draw the raffle on the 1st day of the month and put the video result up on the group. Mays is up, I also contact the winner if they don’t see it

  6. Hey, I’ve placed a order but I wanted to pay via PayPal instead of bank transfer, is there anyway you can help me? Thanks in Advance

    1. Hi Aaron, I have emailed you. It may have gone toyour junk/spam folder

  7. Hi,

    When will your out of stock flavours come back in stock please. I’m after peach o’s and dodger

    1. Hi Harriet, Dodger is being bottled later today and Peach o’s maybe discontinued I’m afraid.

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